Got the production-side of your project squared away? Already shoot your video or film and got killer footage? Lost on how to move through post-production? No worries, we got you.

We offer post-production services including editing and color-grading. Whether it be a corporate video, music video, film, or something else, we’ve handled it. We understand the different nuances of each and will work with you to make sure your vision is met. Whether you are looking for a video editor to work the buttons and cut your project together, or utilize our creativity and editing-magic to raise the video to the next level, we’re here.

Once you have a picture-lock, let’s move to color. We offer color-grading to make your video pop. Whether a bright, vibrant commercial look, or a gritty, moody vibe, we can handle it. Our colorist will establish a look, get your approval, and then move through the project, both color-correcting any shots that have issues & applying the look to each shot, while maintaining consistency throughout the project.

We know post-production. Let’s finish your project.