Music Videos will always hold a special place in our heart. We’ve been lucky enough to produce music videos for some of the top local artists, throughout Boston, New Hampshire and the rest of New England; as well as various national artists.

We have worked with concepts directly from bands and artists, and brought their dreams to life, as well as used our own creative development to pitch new ideas based on the song. We can handle the entire process, from conception to storyboarding, as well as producing and directing the shoot, moving into post-production to edit and color-grade the video.

We have the ability to scale our production level to fit your needs, whether it be a small crew for a performance video, to a larger production with set builds, casting, hair & makeup, and a full crew of cinematographers and lighting professionals. We’ve handled music videos with artists from all genres, including rock, indie, pop, hip hop, folk, and country.

No matter if you’re looking for a polished performance video, or a full narrative, we’re down to explore the possibilities and get creative; beautiful, soft, dark or weird.

We know music videos. Let’s do this.