Marketing is an important part of any business, and to effectively go about this, you need proper marketing research. Focus groups are a great way to get vital information from your target audience. Since these can give a wealth of information, you need to ensure you don’t miss any important pieces.

We have handled the video production for countless focus groups over the years. No matter your needs or configuration, we can ensure that you are able to view the focus group in a nearby location without the correspondents seeing you, as well as record the group at the same time, whether it be to a digital file or DVD. Whether you need a compressed digital video file for in-house use or to leave the group with a DVD instantly, we’ll work to meet your specific needs. We understand the value in focus groups, and take pride in providing a valuable asset to help you progress towards your future goals.

If you are setting up a focus group for your marketing research, we’d love to chat, learn more about your needs and tell you how we can help!