Documentaries can leave a mark. There’s something truly special about real life stories and events, that, when captured and told properly, can move people and stay with them for a long time. Whether it be a documentary, docuseries, or interview-based promo video, we have produced successful projects for businesses, individuals, non-profits & artists. We craft these projects to use the right crew and equipment to capture these stories, effectively, non-obtrusively, and to leave an impact on the viewer. We have experience controlling the shoots, with full pre-production, as well as standing in the shadows and absorbing the events as they occur in front of us.

A great documentary is equal parts luck and planning. Luck in the sense of the unexpected pieces that happen in front of the camera, but planning in the sense of properly formulated interview questions, precise scheduling and mapping out of the events, and shot lists. Just like any narrative video, pre-production is crucial to a successful doc film. We’ll work closely with you to learn the story you want to tell, and build a roadmap on how to get there. We’ll do our homework, determine the best people to focus on, ask them the right questions, and pair that great content with forceful imagery.

We then move to post-production and ask questions like, “Is it more powerful to have the farmer talk about his epiphany at the beginning or save it for the end?”. We weave and stitch all the pieces, then revise and make changes, until we finally land on the perfect tale.

We enjoy telling stories. We’d love to discuss ways to bring yours to life.