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Dance Recitals are the most exciting time of the season for dance studios. Make sure that every number, step, and child is captured & preserve the memories. Ensure that the day is captured in high-quality and available for the excited families and friends.

We can produce your dance recital video and help bring it to life. All of our camera operators are experienced, skilled and reliable. Everything we shoot is in full High-Definition, with the care & expertise to adjust the camera’s settings based on each number’s specific lighting and dancers, ensuring we have the best possible quality. With audio, we utilize a live room mic, for tap sounds, dancer footsteps and audience applause, and mix it with a direct board feed, for the cleanest audio possible of the music.

We have the in-house ability to create DVDs, BluRays, and Digital Files; with custom artwork, chapter selection for each dance, as well as professional packaging. We pride ourselves in a high-quality product.

If you’re looking for high-end video production for your dance recital, reach out and let us tell you what we can offer for your performance!