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A Week of Focus Groups

Monday, October 03, 2011

I recently was the videographer on a string of Focus Groups in the New England area:

First, I drove up to the White Mountains to Gorham, NH for a focus group for Granite State Marketing Research. The drive was beautiful, passing through some great towns, such as Conway and Ossipee and being accompanied by mountains and lakes the entire time. The focus group was a fairly simple setup, with a camera in one room and a 32" TV in another. I recorded to DVD instantly as well as recorded a digital version. This way, the client was able to view live with the CCTV and take home a recording. I was also able to meet their needs and supply them with a digital audio file as well. All in all, everything went over smoothly.

The next day, I went into Boston and was the Focus Group Videographer at the Boston Sheraton for GMG Insights. The setup had a camera in one room which went into a second room. This viewing room used a projector, projector screen, and PA system so that everyone could clearly see and hear the group. It was also recorded to DVD and digitally. I was able to supply the client with both digital audio and video files after the fact.

Then a few days later, I handled the videography for another Granite State Marketing Research focus group, this time at the Portsmouth Sheraton in Portsmouth, NH. It was essentially the same setup as the Gorham groups and once again, everything went without a hitch.

All in all, it was a fun week with some great clients in beautiful locations!

If you are looking to execute a focus group and would like professional videography services for it, contact us today!