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Dance Recital Videographer

Create A Stunning Recital Video

Every Step, Every Dance, Every Kid



Dance Recitals are usually the most exciting time of the season. Make sure that every number, step, and child is captured and preserve the memories. Every parent and grandparent wants to hold on to these special days. Ensure that the day is captured in high-quality and DVDs are made for the excited families and friends.

We can create your dance recital video and help bring it to life. Everything we shoot is in full High-Definition and color-corrected to help create a beautiful video, which is important for such an event. We aren't like most videographers who will just set the camera up on a tripod and film with auto-settings, delivering a stale video that is too bright and over-exposed due to the venue's lights. We'll make sure we adjust settings to ensure we have the best possible quality. We can deliver a steady tripod style video, or a more loose style, depending on your taste. We can also capture behind-the-scenes shots such as rehearsal, teacher instructions, child and teacher interviews, as well as parent reactions and child-parent interaction directly after the event. We also have the ability to produce DVDs of the dance recital to make sure all the demands are met. We can create standard DVDs or dual-layer DVDs for a little extra quality.

So whether you want the standard dance recital-style event videography or if you want to capture the recital and really bring it to life with a more in-depth look and all the emotion, contact Ellipsis Entertainment today!

*Prices vary and are based upon project. Contact us today for a Free Quote!

*All of our video is shot in HD, edited in industry-leading editing software, color corrected, and exported to the proper format.