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With over 200 million registered vehicles in the Unites States, it's obvious to realize that there is an abundance of cars in the country. Therefore, a car buyer has many choices when looking for a new vehicle. There are many car dealerships and auctions out there and with a struggling automobile industry, it is clear that every sale is vital. With almost all car buying experiences starting online these days, it is important to take all necessary means to get the shopper in to look at your car in person. Most shoppers will simply look at dealers' inventories online, view the pictures and information, and decide if they like it or want to pass immediately. If they don't have enough information to sway their decision while looking online, they will generally move on. Therefore, why not take every step necessary to promote the vehicle and increase the chances of its sale? There is no debating that marketing a vehicle with a video will give it a greater chance of being sold.

Ellipsis Entertainment can create videos that are single purpose and highlight only one car or a longer video which features many vehicles. Whether it be used cars or new, we can create a video which displays both the exterior of the car as well as the interior, under the hood, and anything else you may want to display. A narration can be added to audibly supply vehicle information as well as background music. Titles can be utilized to give the main selling points and will also be used along with your company logo to brand the video and supply your contact information. Increase the marketing and promotion of your vehicles and increase the chances of sales with Automobile Sales Videos. Contact Ellipsis Entertainment today!

*Prices vary and are based upon project. Contact us today for a Free Quote!

*All of our video is shot in HD, edited in industry-leading editing software, color corrected, and exported to the proper format.