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Video Marketing & Advertising

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

As each day passes, print advertising is seen by less and less people and the dependence on web advertising is becoming more prominent. Essentially every business has a website and most are delving into social marketing, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.


However, most businesses are still ignoring a major marketing source: VIDEO. Video has been around for years in the form of TV commercials and Infomercials, but there is a vast increase in what video can do for a company. Along with commercials, businesses can create web video. Web video comes in many forms. Internet commercials, video testimonials, interviews, etc. can all be very effective ways to promote oneself. Along with the freedom and flexibility to create any form of video, with no time limitations, web video has many outlets. It can be embedded on a company's website, placed on YouTube and other video hosting sites, added to Facebook, attached in Craigslist posts, and even shared via email.


There is so much possibility with video marketing that it's shocking that most businesses are still ignoring it. Video is a quick and interesting way to catch potential customers and often people are more apt to watch a video than read an article. I highly encourage businesses to test the waters and step into this exciting form of advertising. Especially with web video, it is a very affordable one-time cost, since plugging it in all over the internet is FREE!


If you'd like to learn how your company or business can benefit from Video Marketing & Advertisement, contact Ellipsis Entertainment today!