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INCUMBENT - 48 Hour Film Project NH 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A couple weeks ago Ellipsis Entertainment competed in the New Hampshire stop of the 48 Hour Film Project. If you aren't familiar with the 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP), what it is is a filmmaking contest that is also a race against time. It takes place over one weekend and you have 2 days to write, film, edit, and export an entire short film.

Anyways, we gathered a group of friends as well as other interested people and ended up with a cast and crew of 13 (and the help of a few more). Our 48HFP took place from June 10-12, 2011. On the 10th, we randomly drew the genre our film needed to be, which we got 'Superhero'. We also found out that we needed to fit the character "Sharon Cook, politian", a watch, and the line "Be true to your word" into our film.

We spent that Friday night writing until we were about to fall asleep. Then, we awoke early on Saturday, met with everyone, and started shooting. It was a hectic day of production, but extrememly fun. Special thanks to Alana Wentworth for allowing us to shoot in her barn. It rained all day so without it, we would've been doomed.

We edited Saturday night and into Sunday. We JUST got the film in right at the deadline and we could finally relax.

Our film is called "INCUMBENT"

A few days later, on the 15th, the films were screened at Cinemagic in Hooksett, NH. There was some really great films and it was awesome to get all the filmmakers together and see what everyone made. There is a "Best Of" screening at Red River Theaters in Concord, NH on August 4th that hopefully we are selected to be a part of. They will also be giving out a bunch of awards that night. We got our fingers crossed that we take home one or two!

To make sure everyone gets the credit they deserve, below is the cast and crew list:

Captor One - Christopher J Davis
Captor Two - GiGi Raines
Sharon Cook - Ramona S Taj
Superhero - Lee Tanner

Produced & Written by Jeremy Collins, Anthony Pizzurro, and Spencer Worthley

Cinematographer & AD - Spencer Worthley

Sound - Anthony Pizzurro

Director & Editor - Jeremy Collins

Original Score by Jesse Nickerson

Production Assistants - Thomas J Copello, Patrick Pizzurro

Makeup - Rachel Welsh

Wardobe - Kaitlyn Cipriani

Still Photographer - Mary Schiavoni

Special thanks to Alana Wentworth, Andy Day, Glen Scheffer, Corina Willette, Jess Winter